1990.12The company established "Xinchang County Ru'ao Tianlao Spring Factory"

1994.01Change to "First Spring Factory of Xinchang County"

1998.08Registering the "US Japan" trademark

2000.10Registration of "Meili" trademark, completion of new factory building (located in Ru'ao Town)

2002.05Establishing Zhejiang Meili Spring Co., Ltd

2010.11Establishing Zhejiang Meili Technology Co., Ltd

2012.07Establishing "Changchun Meili Spring Co., Ltd."

2013.07Establishing Zhejiang Meili Automotive Spring Co., Ltd

2014.04Establishing Shaoxing Meili Precision Spring Co., Ltd

2017.02Becoming the first listed company in China's spring industry (listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

2018.04Acquisition of Shanghai Kegong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

2021.08Establishing Zhejiang Meili Logistics Co., Ltd

2021.10Acquiring 70% equity of Beijing Dayuan and Jiangsu Dayuan

2023.10Acquiring 69.04% equity of Shanghai Nuclear Industry Corporation

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