Environmental Protection Policy

Enhance environmental awareness and comply with environmental regulations; Scientific operation and management, pollution prevention; Implement cleaner production and reduce energy consumption for the benefit of human society.

Energy Policy

Abiding by the law, low energy and high efficiency, green and low carbon, sustainable development

Quality Policy

Adhere to the customer-centric, the pursuit of the perfect combination of character and technology, continuous improvement and innovation, to create an internationally competitive Meili brand.

Labour Human Rights Policy

1. Ensure a healthy and safe working environment

2. Guarantee wages and hours

3. Prohibit child labor and protect underage workers

4. Discrimination and harassment are prohibited

5. Prohibition of forced labor

6. Freedom of association and collective bargaining

7. Staff training and development

Business Ethics Policy

1. Be honest and trustworthy

2. Interest avoidance

3. Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

4. Intellectual property Rights

5. Competition and fair dealing

6. Anti-money laundering and anti-fraud

7. Protect business information

Sustainable Procurement Policy Guidelines

Product compliance, environmental protection, safe production, respect for human rights

If you have any comments or suggestions on the company's operation and management, environmental protection, production safety, corporate social responsibility performance and ethical construction, please call 0575-86226808 or email to We will look forward to your comments and timely reply and reasonable improvement.

Meili Technology 2023 Annual Social Responsibility Report.pdf
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