2023 / 07 / 07
Liangbaitai Red Education Base Carrying out Party Member Activities
On the occasion of the National Day and Mid Autumn Festival, the party branch of Zhejiang Meili Technology Co., Ltd. and its delegation went to the Liangbaitai Red Education Base to carry out party member activities, jointly commemorating the founder of the people's judicial prosecution. Remembering the revolutionary predecessors, realizing the hardships of pioneers and the heroic spirit of dedicating oneself to the country to fulfill one's aspirations; Appreciate the red sentiment and learn the revolutionary spirit.
2019 / 03 / 09
Meili Technology's "March 8th Women's Day" Mountaineering Activity
On March 8, 2019, Zhejiang Meili Technology Co., Ltd. organized all female employees to participate in the "Women's Day" mountaineering activity.
2011 / 11 / 22
Leaders from the Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office came to the company for research
On October 21st, Peng Bo, Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, and his delegation conducted research at Zhejiang Meili Technology Co., Ltd. accompanied by Yan Gang, Deputy County Mayor of Xinchang County.
2011 / 11 / 18
Interpretation of the Revision of "Investor Protection" in the Securities Law
The revised Securities Law has been officially implemented since March 1, 2020. This revision focuses on the basic principles of "comprehensively promoting the registration system, improving the basic market system, strengthening information disclosure, strengthening investor protection, and increasing punishment", and has made significant revisions and improvements to the legal provisions.
2010 / 05 / 22
"Harmonious beauty Force - 2009 Celebration of National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival" art show
On September 29, 2009, the company's party branch, trade union, league branch co-sponsored the "harmonious beauty force - 2009 National Day, welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival" performance in Ruao Middle School Hall.
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